aisites is an experiment where an AI tries to generate HTML pages.

How it works

An OpenAI GPT-2 text generation AI is trained using a file containing a bunch of HTML. I then manually run the AI, and pick out the HTML that actually works. The more HTML examples I have, the better and more accurate the HTML pages will be.

About This Website

I created this website as a way to show off some of the cool creations that can be done with AI. This website is simply a passion project, because I am really into AI. This whole website is still a work in progress.

Current Problems

There are some problems with the AI. One of the problems is that I don't have much training data for the AI, so most of the generated pages don't work. Another issue is caused because I am currently using Google Collaboratory to run the AI. I can only generate up to 1023 "tokens" of data, meaning that pages have to be short. I may run the AI locally soon to be able to fix this, however I don't have the fastest computer and this may make things harder. Another problem is inconsistent coding styles. It works best when the CSS and JavaScript are located inside of the document instead of in a different document.

How can I help?

Right now I don't really have a way. In the future I may make a way for people to be able to submit their code.

Who Created This Website?

This website was created by wiichicken. You can check out my Neocities homepage here.

Site Updates

I try to update this site at least one time a week, but I mainly do it whenever I have the time for it.

What's With the Broken Images?

In some of the older pages, you can see broken images. The AI is trying to insert images that don't exist, resulting in a broken image icon ending up being shown. Since I have removed all images from the training data, so these random images should no longer be a problem.

I Found a Bug