Data Filtering

Most of the JavaScript data was removed from the training document, as well as all images, and other complex pages. This ended up helping the AI a lot. The size of the file shrunk to 3347 lines of HTML. Soon I will also be fixing an issue where links are linking to places on my hard drive.

4 year old meDecember 19, 2020No notes.
DocumentDecember 18, 2020No notes.
gob gob gobDecember 19, 2020No notes.
i removed my dogDecember 18, 2020No notes.
Mona LisaDecember 19, 2020No notes.
Online Shopping AwarenessDecember 19, 2020Contains a heavy swear word.
tathagatagarbhaDecember 19, 2020No notes.
watch this spaceDecember 19, 2020No notes.
The web site of shiibehDecember 19, 2020Contains suggestive language.
TypoDecember 19, 2020No notes.