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About Us

​ The YWCA of United States is a private non-profit organization working for the betterment of the American society. We fight for the right to express ourselves, and for the recognition of our human rights.
​ Our goal is to raise funds for a donation... ​ You can also donate through our links on our homepage, facebook page, Twitter feed, or through our Donate page! ​

Proudly Presents...

The Beastie Boys


"If I had to name a friend, it would be Jay Z because he's so open with what he's interested in.

"I have a lot of deep connections at work and in my immediate family. I have a cousin named Mary (my aunt). My mom (my grandmother) works at a pharmaceutical company and my grandma's father is a major.

"My mom gave me a the Meerkat video "Mammy the Meerkat" does a really nice job of portraying her frightening thoughts. "Mammy's sooo brave." "Mammy's such a trooper. She's been through a lot. She's such a tough lady." "Man, she is