Welcome to My Website!

Hi, I'm Connor. I'm 15 and single. I've been to three different sites i n my life:

I used to be depressed. I used to be suicidal. I used to be web surfers %23 scared of spiders. scared of death %23 and stuff. I used to be a futurology student at school. I was in a play thing with my sister who is now deadFavicon

Here's how I would like to change...

Change Over Attraction

Ideal Mate Selection

  • Upper Classy
  • Sublime
  • Drunken Sublime
  • Hardcore Horror
  • Mystery Science
  • Creepy Horror
  • Mysterious Challenger
  • Monster

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Phoenix1949 was started as a way for phoenixes to come together to find common goals and interests. As the years passed, the website became more and more... public. Phoenixes now enjoy posting about anything and everything! There are still a few things Phoenixes will never understand, such as "why do you guys call me daddy?" or "I've been to jail." Don't get discouraged, Phoenixes are hard working Phoenixes and will NEVER give up! You can follow Phoenixes progress