Welcome to Online awareness 101
On this site, we will teach you to become more aware of the things you browse and click on: Neocities.

Heres how you can make sure that you are never going to get scammed again.

  • Step 1: Dont do a lot of online shopping. Just say NO to it.
    • Step 2: Dont click on random links. Say NO to that.
      • Step 3: Dont share your password with anyone. Period.
        • Step 4: If you follow the steps previously listed above, you will never run into a problem online shopping.:)
        • You also have to be very careful when you are using online shopping sites. They are not just for online shopping. They are also used to steal money and other valuable items. Make sure that you are not clicking on any random links that pop up. And last but not lest, DO NOT type in your password twice!
        • Step 1: Worry Not
          • Step 2: Take Every Scratch You Can Get
          • Step 3: Use Your Noggin Of Steel To Clump Their Noggin Of Butter To Bits And Spark Their Lights Out
          • Step 4: Let Out A Whimpers And They Will All Run To You For Help