==================== Avoid Getting scammed

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On this site, we will teach you to become more aware of the things you browse and click on: Neocities.

Here's how you can make sure that you are never going to get scammed again.

Here arer some steps to stand a chance of not being hacked. Step 1: Don't do a lot of online shopping. Step 2: Don't click on random links. Step 3: verift the website before use, it needs to start with https. Step 4: Vary the offers you get, they may or may not be good deals. Step 5: Don't put card information or any important documents on social media. :

Here arer some links that i have found on tumblr that may or may not be ok.:

if you follow the steps previously listed above you would never run into any problems online shopping.:

You also have to make sure that the wedsite that you are looking at begins wuth https:// if not there is a high chance that the website is not secure.

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