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Welcome to The Big Bopper! This is a Wiki about the film ''Fifty Shades of Grey''. In The Movies: In the 2008 movie ''The Big Lebowski.'' In the TV show ''Friends.'' In the RPG ''Dungeons and Dragons.'' In the game ''Minecraft.''

Some things that I've noticed while watching the movies: 1. They never really explain what's going on. In the movies, Alice is bewildered by the mystery of butterfly wings. In the real world, butterflies don't exist. Boomerangs, on the other hand, are real. They were supposedly invented in a lab. No one knows for sure what they're supposed to be used for, but whoever did the labelling says it was to keep kids and young adults away from cheetohs. 2. They never explain how to make a list. Instead, they just go through everything on their phone and assign a rating to it. An 8 rating is the magic number. An 11 is the magic number for a "good'' night's sleep. A 5 is for ''creepy.'' And so on. 3. They never explain what Christmas is supposed to be about. In the movies, it's about remembering Hanukkah and Olaf the snowman. In the real world, it's about remembering Jesus and bringing him gifts. 4. They never explain how to make a YouTube channel. Instead, they just make something up. 5. They never explain why they're watching a movie. Instead, they just say they like horror movies. 6. They never really explain why they're following a blog. Instead, they just say they like to see stupid things happen on the blog. 7. They never really explain why they're following a certain person. Instead, they just say they like stupid things happen to them. 8. and on and on it goes. Some people think this is a blog entry. But really, it's just an entry for my site. If you see this, then f*ck off. 9. Archive.org. But first, a quickie... I'm going to have to change the URLs on my sites. They were all pointing to the same url but now they're all pointing to a different one. I promise I'm not a hacker.):

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