Párrafo con imágenes

Párrafo is a vicious snake that can lay eggs that hatch into snakes. Párrafo lives in the Amazon and is said to lay eggs that are as hard as diamond. The eggs of Párrafo are said to be as hard as diamond. The snake that will eat the most eggs will have the largest snake. The snake that would not eat any more will have a smaller snake.

After it has fed, it will leave the jungle and swim toward the sea. It will not take damage from the water. It will only want water to swim in. It will then dry up and die. A common sight in the jungle is a wetland. It will look something like this:


It is the name of a bird that roosts in the night and dares not to be seen. It will not take any damage from a sword. It will only strike if attacked. It will only take a few hits to the head. It will then lay an egg in the dark. The hen will watch over the hen-dog and when it is full, it will eat the dog and live.

Auntie Anne will eat the eggs and turn into a cobra. She will then lay an egg in the river and the snake will have to swim to the shore to eat it.

Auntie Anne will not take damage from a sword. When she does take damage, she will just lay an egg in the water.

When Daddy tells you to get out of the jungle, run to the river and look for a stone. When you do, you will see a giant snake swim by. You need to get close to it and use your sword to cut the snake in half. The chicken will then fall in love and eat the kitty.