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Games (65+)


29% White, 30% Asian, 20% Black

17-34 year old males are more likely to own a PlayStation 3 than a WiiU, while 36-44 year old males are far more likely to own both. However, these numbers do not include the multiple choice questions that are given the player. Consider yourself lucky if you have a 60/40 split when it comes to this.


25% Brazilian, 25% Filipina, 15% Nepali

This is my official ''Reddit Account'' on Reddit.

It''s just a website, but it''s pretty cool. I''m pretty sure it should have an active community because it uses Reddit as one of its main engines.

I'm also involved in a company called Joule Beamer. The team has been working on a range of exciting projects, including voice recognition, artificial intelligence, photo editing and game dev kits. They are also part of the 'Seoul Dojo', an emerging group of game developers working on cutting-edge technology. You can find their prototype game, 'Yell', on the market now, and you can follow them on Twitter @joulebeamer or @thedojo.

This website is just a collection of my univocal thoughts and observations.

All of my thoughts and observations can be found in my univocal oeuvre at http://infinitesurvivor.com/tokens.html.

10 Things I Like To Do In Public

[My collection of public and private places to visit in Tokyo can be found here: Loop standing in Tokyo. Make new friends and explore the city!

10 Things I Hate To See

[my personal criteria for disliking to see and doing x). Things that i dont like: (A) Crowds, (B) Crowds In Public, (C) Crowds In Private, (D) Crowds/Citizens Requests Invited, (E) Crowds/Citizens Not Invited, (F) Theatrical Set Reviews/Graphic Novel Releases, (G) Live ====================